3 Day Startup

3 Day Startup activates entrepreneurial potential in students of all kinds through experiential education and a global entrepreneurship ecosystem. What began as a student organization at the University of Texas in 2008, has since grown into a non-profit reaching across 179 schools, teaching 13,000 students, and with alumni that have raised over $150 million.

Half Helen Foundation

The Half Helen Foundation is committed to improving school-age children’s vision and hearing through innovative delivery of care. This includes using photoscreening technology to identify potential problems, connecting families to appropriate medical care, and ensuring children have access to corrective wear. As of 2018, the Half Helen Foundation will have screened over 40,000 children.

Austin Creative Alliance

The Austin Creative Alliance advances, connects, and advocates for Austin’s arts, cultural, and creative communities in order to strengthen and protect the character, quality of life, and economic prosperity of Austin. They compile and disseminate research, provide marketing and communication tools, convene planning, training, and discussion sessions, and offer umbrella services such as liability insurance and fiscal sponsorship.

Mobile Loaves & Fishes

Mobile Loaves & Fishes provides food and clothing, cultivates community, and promotes dignity to the homeless population in Austin. With the support of more than 19,000 volunteers, Mobile Loaves & Fishes is the largest prepared feeding program to the homeless in Austin and has spawned similar food truck programs in other cities across the country.

Peloton U

PelotonU partners with the best nonprofit online education programs in the nation and gives students the support they need to earn their college degree. PelotonU matches students with the right online university and then offers them scholarships, tutoring, study spaces around Austin, and a personal coach. PelotonU cuts the cost of regular accredited degrees in half and ensures each degree is accredited and in-demand in today’s workforce.

Are you changing Austin for the better?

The Austin Civic Fund is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in Austin, Texas. The mission of the Austin Civic Fund is to identify and support innovative ideas and projects in Austin,to help foster solutions to our most pressing issues and support forward-thinking leadership that will ensure a prosperous Austin community. The Austin Civic Fund grant program provides funds to non-profit organizations and individuals who are using innovation to address Austin’s social and community issues.

All grant recipients must demonstrate their impact and involvement in the Austin community.

Instructions: Please fill out the following application in its entirety.
Please submit a cover letter telling us how you or your organization directly affects Austinites and why we should consider you for our Grant Program.


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